Craft Beer Tasting Evening at The Plough a great success!

Marc Bishop probably has the best job in the world. He’s the St Austell Brewery Beer Sommelier and he gets to drink beer for a living.

Every Friday morning at 9:30am he and a panel of professional tasters drink up to 25 different types of beer to make sure they taste the way they should. Now that’s a breakfast!

At 7:30pm on Thu 16th April, Marc and Ben Daley (St Austell’s Sales Development Manager) hosted a craft beer tasting evening at triple award winning CAMRA “Pub of The Year” The Plough Inn.

At the packed out session revellers were treated to a brief history of craft beer, the brewing process and the flavours that can make up your perfect pint. Fresh hops and malted barley were handed round to get an idea of the smells & tastes associated with different types of brews – citrus, spice, toffee, biscuits and even sweetcorn can be recognised.

The first beers to be tasted – all bottled – were St Austell’s very own “Proper Job” & “Big Job” followed by some quality lagers, some “Trappist” beers (brewed by monks) from Belgium along with a very intense Cherry Beer which was not to everyone’s taste. The strength of the beers ranged from around 4.5% to 7.2% and many were matched with food including cheddar & smoked cheese and a variety of different chocolates.

The final beer was just a bit of fun. Marc explained that very occasionally a pallet of beer may get lost along the production line and we were treated to a very small amount of bottle conditioned ale that had been brewed in 1981 and recently rediscovered. The 34 year old brew was, to say the least, unique in its flavour and thankfully there were only 3 small bottles to go round.

A big thank you to Marc, Ben and the St Austell Brewery for putting on a great evening and to Garry at The Plough for making it possible. Same again next year?

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