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Neighbourhood Planning for Congresbury – Creating a Neighbourhood Area

Proposed Neighbourhood AreaCongresbury Parish Council have made an application to North Somerset Council to designate a neighbourhood area for Congresbury Parish.

Once approved this will mean that plans to build a new village hall/community centre can be progressed through a Community Right to Build Order. It also means that the parish council can prepare a neighbourhood plan which would help to shape the parish in forthcoming years and would be used to help make decisions on planning applications within the parish.

A formal part of the process is to give local residents, businesses and others with an interest in the plan the chance to have a say in the area which is to be covered by the neighbourhood area. This will be the area that will be covered by any future neigbourhood plan. The Parish Council have had to make an application to North Somerset Council in order to create the neighbourhood area.

The area that has been put forward is the whole of Congresbury Parish.

Click HERE to view a plan of the proposed Neighbourhood Area (pdf)

The easiest way to comment on the consultation and for more information is via the North Somerset Council website. All comments must be received no later than midnight Monday 17th August 2015.

For any questions about this consultation please contact Celia Dring at North Somerset Council on 01934 426244 or email planning.policy@n-somerset.gov.uk

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