Cllr Tom Leimdorfer resigns from Congresbury’s Green Party

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Tom Leimdorfer

Tom Leimdorfer

Congresbury’s Green Party representative on North Somerset Council – Tom Leimdorfer – has resigned as leader of the Independent/Green group.

He will continue as ward councillor for Congresbury and Puxton, but announced at a recent North Somerset council meeting he could no longer continue as leader.

Cllr Leimdorfer cited two reasons for his decision: first because he felt the opposition group had been ignored by the Tory ruling party on the council.

CRAG’s Mary Short sympathised with Cllr Leimdorfer’s explanation. “Members of CRAG have witnessed the performance of some members of North Somerset’s planning committee with which we have been less than impressed.

It is quite understandable that Tom feels marginalised by the ruling majority on the district council. The Tory councillors do not appear to take any notice of others who do not share their views, no matter how compelling the argument.”

His second reason is because of a political advertisement which appeared in the North Somerset Times on the day after the murder of Jo Cox.

Appealing to patriotic emotions, the advert – featuring a bulldog in combat gear – proclaimed: “For over 2,000 years Britons have fought and died to protect our way of life… vote OUT of Europe to keep us free and living safe.”

Cllr Leimdorfer stated: “This had a deep an immediate effect on me. Replacing the word Britons with Hungarians or Austrians…makes this type of propaganda identical to that of extremist nationalists anywhere.

“The imprint showed that the advert was promoted by a member of our Independent/Green group.” Tom added: “I bear no personal grudge and I have had time to put aside emotions relating to my family history and all its victims at the hands of right wing nationalist regimes.

“However, it is clear to me that, as a Green Party politician and as a matter of conscience I cannot remain part of a political group whose member promoted such an advert.”

John Mills John Mills

Journalist and jazz saxophonist John Mills has lived in Congresbury for more than 25 years, moving to the village from West London with his wife Rocki and 10 month old son, Sam in 1979. After a few years in Clevedon, John and Rocki moved back to the village in 2006, renovating and extending a bungalow in Yew Tree Park. Sadly, Rocki died in 2013. John, 71 keeps busy musically, playing with Cadbury Wind Band, with his son in the Sam Mills Quintet, and with a newly formed duo, Sax in the City with fellow Congresbury saxophonist and vocalist, Louise Harris.

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  1. Isn’t the headline a bit misleading? He hasn’t resigned from the Green Party has he? Just from the position of trying and failing to lead a disparate group of individuals of differing political views.

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