Congresbury votes on New Village Hall


Artist impression of what the New Village Hall / Community centre might look like

The village vote on Thursday on proposals for the new village hall / community centre will determine what community facilities the village will have in the future.

If the village votes “Yes” then the project team will be able to move the plans forward to build a modern multi-use facility for use by all age groups subject to the final designs and finishes etc being submitted for public consultation and approval by North Somerset council.

A “No” vote would see the project disbanded and the village left with the existing community buildings that many villagers feel are no longer fit for purpose and our young people missing out on having somewhere to go and meet their friends.

“We would urge all eligible villagers to vote, this is too important a decision to not bother,” said project team leader Ian Sheppard. “I would also like to clarify some misunderstandings:

  • The new building will be on the grass area and is not being built on either the children’s play area or tennis courts.
  • The day to day running of the new building will be managed by employed staff with some voluntary help especially in the community café.
  • The building shown in the posters is only an illustration of what a new hall could look like, not necessarily what it will look like; final designs will be subject to public consultation and council approval.”

Voting in person will be at the Old School Rooms which will be open from 7am to 10pm.

For more information on Congresbury’s New Village Hall / Community Centre Project please visit or the Facebook page –

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  1. How much green space are we going to lose ? Because no way is this to scale

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