Gardens are Good for You – Call for Volunteers

Growing Support

Most people recognise that spending time outdoors, connecting with nature or being active in the garden makes us feel better.

Studies show that gardening as part of a group can help people with dementia feel a renewed sense of purpose, reduce agitation and improve sleep and appetite. Yet as people grow older, particularly if they have dementia, they are less likely to be active, to spend time outdoors or meet new people.

Growing Support is a local organisation supporting older people and people living with dementia to enjoy the garden and stay connected with their community. We run gardening clubs with fun, engaging activities specially designed to increase opportunities for light exercise, sensory stimulation and social interaction.

After setting up in Bristol 3 years ago in 2017 we will be offering sessions in North Somerset including the Congresbury area. Our typical gardener is over 70 and living with day to day challenges, such as difficulty following instructions, problems remembering how to do small tasks, limited mobility or issues with sight or hearing.  Local volunteers are key to a great gardening group. They provide individual support for the more difficult tasks so that everyone can take part and feel a sense of achievement. An important part of their role is to create a cheerful social atmosphere, chatting with the gardeners and encouraging reminiscence and story telling.

It is this kind of positive impact on mood that Growing Support wants to share with more people. If you think you might be able to help us as a volunteer or would just like to know more please contact Sam at or visit our website

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