Has any one lost a cockerel?

NOT actual cockerel – for illustrative purposes only!

I wonder if you could help to find the owner of a cockerel who has arrived, without invitation, in our garden.

He has been here since last Friday 6th April and seems to have made himself at home.

If the owner doesn’t want him perhaps someone in the village may like to adopt him.

We do not want him but don’t want the fox to get him.

NO – this is not a joke.

Robin Lea. Phone 01934 838203

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  1. Can I ask where you are? Only because I have been woken daily at 4.30 by a cockerel since Friday and wondered who had a new pet!! Lol

  2. Leanne Rennolds???

  3. Ryan Stutt Daniel-Brett Stutt want another cockerel?

  4. He is good to eat

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