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Congresbury.net – Village Website

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In February 1996 an arrangement was reached with the Clevedon Mercury for village news to be printed in their paper under the “Around the Towns” section, for which we would be paid. It was decided that these moneys, after deduction of expenses, would be used to finance the initiatives for the benefit of the Village. The Village Diary was started at the same time and was published in the paper and displayed at various sites around the Village.

A web site was launched initially in July 1999. With increasing numbers accessing the web site, additional facilities were included e.g. individual web pages for village organisations, and advertisements. It has been running in its current format since 2010.

The objectives are to inform village inhabitants of Congresbury through publication in local media and the internet, and to generally benefit the Village.

Congresbury.net also contributes to the news section of JustCongresbury.com – see our stories here.

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