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Congresbury Parish Council

Congresbury Parish Council


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Town & Parish Councils are the lowest tier of government in this country and do not receive any direct funding from central government. The Parish Council receives the majority of its funding by issuing a Precept each year which is collected by the Principal Authority (North Somerset Council) through the Annual Council Tax.

The Precept is the annual amount of money the Parish Council needs to fulfill its services (playgrounds, open land, closed churchyard, allotments and maintenance of council owned property etc.) and is the difference between money it receives (income from charges and lettings etc.) and its expenditure (staff costs, grants and maintenance of infrastructure etc.). Each Autumn the Parish Council prepares a Budget for the forthcoming fiscal year. In December the Council formally agrees the Precept, based on the Budget, for the next fiscal year and will ask the Principal Authority to collect it. Details of the Council’s Precept may be found on your Council Tax Demand.

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